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Veitch Lister has provided the transport planning industry with travel demand forecasting and transport infrastructure planning for over 30 years.

Proud history, strong future.

Veitch Lister Consulting combines the skills of some of Australia’s best transport planners and modellers to offer a wide range of services to the public and private sectors. VLC has built on the extensive expertise of its staff to successfully complete assignments throughout Australia, and in South-East Asia.

The company offers particular expertise in the areas of travel demand forecasting, toll modelling and public transport modelling and planning.

VLC has revolutionised transport modelling in Australia, with the development of highly accurate travel forecasting models, which support our planners in developing the most pragmatic and efficient solutions to a wide range of transport problems. VLC has invested over 30 years, and millions of dollars in developing its models, which are by far the most accurate, sophisticated and well-researched in Australia. In particular, our public transport models are at the “cutting edge” of world research, and are designed specifically for Australian conditions. Many of the modelling techniques developed by VLC have become industry standard within Australia.

With Australia’s most powerful modelling tools at their disposal, VLC’s transport planning staff are able to add significant value in all areas of transport planning.

VLC’s experience and technical expertise are highly regarded within the industry. We have been involved in the planning and modelling of several hundred major projects over an extended period of time, with our focus on close client collaboration, and providing the client with pragmatic, innovative and useful solutions.

VLC's head office is in Brisbane. The company opened a second office in Melbourne in 1996.

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