Measure the Audience of an Outdoor Media Campaign

VLC is the lead developer of the MOVE AMS - the official audience measurement system for the Out-of-Home advertising industry in Australia.

The system is endorsed by the Outdoor Media Association, the Media Federation of Australia and the Australian Association of National Advertisers.

The system is used by buyers and sellers of Outdoor advertising to accurately measure the geodemographic audience of any Outdoor media campaign. The system is the first in the world to cover all the major Out-of-Home environments, including roadside billboards, street furniture, airports, shopping centres, train stations, bus stops, as well as both internal and external bus / tram signage.

Outdoor Measurement History

The MOVE system was launched in February 2010, following a five year research effort. The system has increased the credibility and measurability of Outdoor advertising, and helped fuel the strong growth in the Outdoor advertising sector. In 2010, the Outdoor industry increased its revenue by 19%, or $77 million, and increased its share of all advertising from 3.18% to 3.54%. In 2011, Outdoor has continued to grow strongly, with quarter three year-on-year growth of 4.1%.

In 1996, the company was engaged by AOAMS Pty Ltd (a company owned by 20 media owners) to develop an Outdoor Audience Measurement System for Australia using these models. The measurement system (ROAM – Research of Outdoor Audience Measurement) was progressively rolled out across Australia, but only covered roadside billboards and the in-vehicle viewing audience passing each billboard.

In November 2006, VLC (in collaboration with Cuende Infometrics, TNS and Access Testing) was awarded a contract to further develop the ROAM system to include a far wider range of formats (bus stops and street furniture, on bus, within airport, within train station and within shopping centre) and a wider viewing audience including public transport users and pedestrians. The new system (MOVE) launched in May 2008. MOVE audience ratings include VAC adjustment based on comprehensive, in-field, eye-tracking research currently being undertaken in Australia by VLC and Access Testing.

VLC is also in partnership with Goudappel Coffeng (the largest transport planning and travel modelling company in the Netherlands) for the development and worldwide marketing of the OmniTRANS travel forecasting software. This software is by far the mosl widely used travel modelling software in the Netherlands. As a consequence, the View Consortium includes the company that has pioneered the application of comprehensive travel modelling techniques for outdoor audience measurement (VLC), and the most skilled and experienced travel modelers in the Netherlands (GC).


Outdoor Measurement System Features

The system has a number of unique features which in combination make it the most advanced and powerful Outdoor audience measurement system in the world at the present time:

  • An interactive web-based planning and buying tool, which also acts as a site database for the industry
  • Cross format planning – outdoor campaigns can be built from any combination of formats (eg. Billboards + street furniture + airports + buses + stations + shopping centres)
  • Includes all key audiences – car drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, as well as those on public transport are all measured by the system
  • Accurate measurement for individual advertising panels – the system combines best practice transport
  • Reach and frequency (average and distribution) for campaigns up to 84 days.
  • The demographic audience profile for any panel, or combination of panels can be accurately measured against over 100 demographic categories.
  • The home locations of Outdoor audiences can be pin-pointed to finely detailed areas (over 3000 areas per city).
  • Visibility Adjusted Contacts – The system calculates the likelihood that an advertising face will be seen depending on factors such as its size, angle, illumination, as well as the speed of the audience passing the face.
...the highest level of expertise in
the areas most needed to develop
an audience measurement system
for outdoor media. Testimonials
...the highest level of expertise in the areas most needed to develop an audience measurement system for outdoor media.

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