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Transport Economics

VLC can provide extensive modelling services for the purposes of economic evaluation. In addition to providing standard consumer surplus evaluation data to generate cost-benefit analyses, VLC can provide further data relating to economic benefits. Data provided for economic evaluation has included:

  • Consumer surplus (travel time benefits, resource cost corrections, travel time reliability)
  • Agglomeration benefits
  • Labour supply
  • Toll road revenue
  • Vehicle operation cost savings (fuel, tyres and vehicle depreciation)
  • Accident cost savings
  • Pollutant emissions (including CO2 emissions, CO emissions, NMVOCs and particulates)
  • Sensitivity testing of data based on different scenarios

In addition to the capability to provide highly advanced model outputs for the purpose of economic evaluation, and to provide tailored disaggregation of these outputs based on the following categories:

  • User response to project
  • Mode of travel
  • Time of travel
  • Reason for travel
  • Origin/Destination of travel
Car User Benefits by Origin
Travel Model
Car User Benefits by Sector Movements
Travel Model



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