Transport Planning

Transport Planning
VLC has undertaken traffic and transport planning studies for many of Australia’s cities and regions, which have paved the way for some of the country’s most significant urban development and infrastructure projects over the past 30 years.
Since the Brisbane Traffic Study of 1988, the company has expanded its range of services in transport planning to now being a trusted advisor to government authorities and the private sector across Australia.

Field Expertise

VLC’s expertise in transport planning includes:

  • multimodal transport strategies for areas and corridors, routes and links
  • traffic and transport impact assessment of developments
  • local area traffic management
  • priority infrastructure plans for cities
  • public transport network planning
  • preparation of project business cases, economic and financial assessments
  • assessment of environmental impacts of traffic, transport and emissions
  • planning for special events such as major international sporting events and conventions
  • analysis of transport policy initiatives

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