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How to get Zenith
The Zenith Models are available for use under both commercial and academic licenses. Veitch Lister Consulting also offer consulting services to support your use of Zenith, contact us for more details
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The most widely used travel model in Australia

About Zenith

The Zenith model was first established in 1988 and is a mature travel demand modelling facility that is frequently used in major projects ranging from metropolitan or regional-wide infrastructure projects to local area problems and solutions.  It is easily customised to the needs of specific applications and responsive to the range of variables of interest to planners and policy-makers.

The distinguishing feature of the Zenith model is its ability to accurately simulate public transport systems and services as well as the characteristics and performance of the road system.

Traditionally, only available through a consulting relationship, with significant investment in the models, they are now available for use under license.

All Zenith Travel models employ the same software, algorithms and processes.


Four-Step Modelling

Zenith is a travel modelling system developed by Veitch Lister Consulting (VLC), which has been used extensively for transport planning in Australian cities and regions. Built upon the “four-step” modelling process, the Zenith models have been successfully employed in hundreds of transport planning / modelling studies, including many of Australia’s most important transport infrastructure projects.


Imitation is Flattering

The Zenith model architecture has been adopted as the basis for government models including:

  • BSTM
  • MITM

However, VLC’s research programme ensures that Zenith remains the state-of-the-art.



All Zenith models operate within the OmniTRANS transport modelling software package. The OmniTRANS package features powerful graphical facilities, state-of-the-art scripting capabilities, and advanced data management for multimodal transport systems. For more information on the OmniTRANS software please visit: http://www.omnitrans-international.com


Australia Wide Coverage

The Zenith model is available for the following regions:

  • Sydney
  • Victoria
  • Southeast Queensland
  • North Queensland
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • Tasmania

The Zenith Model covers more than 80% of the Australian population.

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