Features of Zenith

The Zenith model is a fully multi-modal transport model, implemented within the OmniTRANS software package. The model has been standardised and calibrated for all the major Australian capital cities. It has been successfully utilised on hundreds of projects, including regional planning studies, major road projects, toll road studies, metro rail projects, and public transport service planning studies.


Standard Features

  • Road and rail infrastructure networks (including system capacities and operating speeds)
  • Dedicated tram and bus right-of-ways
  • Transit service networks (routes), service frequency and fare details
  • Details of the various land uses in discrete areas of the city - called travel zones
  • Dedicated pedestrian routes/facilities
  • Travel patterns (expressed as numbers of trips made between origin and destination travel zone pairs by travel mode and journey purpose)
  • Details of parking charges, tolls and vehicle operating costs (including petrol price)
  • Model calibration parameters derived from household travel surveys that require survey participants to submit travel diaries
  • Algorithms to interrogate the model's forecasts and produce a wide range of graphical outputs and transport system performance indicators

Advanced Features

  • PT Crowding – the Zenith model includes the costs of over-crowding on public transport, affecting travellers’ choice of destination, mode, route and stop. As a result, the model can be used to assess the likely demand and economic benefit of capacity increasing transit projects.
  • Toll Choice – The Zenith model has an unrivalled track record of accurately predicting toll road patronage in Australia.
  • Fully Multi-modal – Zenith models explicitly consider numerous access modes to transit, including walking, park ‘n’ ride and kiss ‘n’ ride. This is essential considering the importance of these modes in Australia’s sprawling cities.
  • Multi-period – All Zenith models includes atleast 3 periods.
  • Disaggregate travel zones – All Zenith models can be run at sub-CCD travel zones. This is essential in transit studies where accessibility to the transit system is a major factor.
  • Disaggregate travel market segmentation – Zenith models include travel made by residents, visitors and freight, segmented by numerous journey purposes and car ownership levels.
How to get Zenith
The Zenith Models are available for use under both commercial and academic licenses. Veitch Lister Consulting also offer consulting services to support your use of Zenith, contact us for more details
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