Traffic Estimates

If you need vehicle traffic estimates in your business decisions, think Zenith.

Zenith Traffic Estimates is Australia’s only comprehensive set of traffic flow estimates on all major metropolitan roads.


Value to Your Business

If you are making a major investment or commitment to opening new retail sites, the traffic flow passing the site is more likely one of the major drivers of the business. Whether you are opening QSR’s, petrol stations, convenience stores, or any business where you are counting on passing traffic for exposure, then Zenith Traffic is a must for you.

Sourcing traffic count information is traditionally costly. Zenith Traffic Estimates provides a cost effective means of always having the most up-to-date traffic count information at your fingertips.



Zenith Traffic Estimates can be accessed either through the website or integrated with your own GIS system.


How it Works

Zenith Traffic Estimates are underpinned by the Zenith Travel Model, which was developed by VLC.

The Zenith Travel Model works by simulating the daily travel patterns of individual people and households. Incorporating the household & demographic profiles of each suburb, the model simulates where, when, why and how we travel.

The model is underpinned by:

  • Known traffic counts sourced from government agencies
  • ABS Census Data
  • Government Household Travel Surveys (over 100,000 households surveyed)
  • Detailed road and public transport network information

The traffic estimates are validated against sourced traffic counts and are updated annually to reflect changes in demographics, land use and the road network in each region.

How to get Zenith
The Zenith Models are available for use under both commercial and academic licenses. Veitch Lister Consulting also offer consulting services to support your use of Zenith, contact us for more details
P +61 (7) 3870 4888

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