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VLC is committed to delivering the modelling tools that planners need in an ever-changing environment

Zenith Transport Models are constantly being upgraded and new features added.


Park n Ride Simulation

VLC has made a recent upgrade to the Zenith model that includes capacity constrained modelling of Park and Ride demands. This additional component of the model will more accurately reflect the decision making process between choosing to park at a rail station (and bus park and ride sites) and alternative options, including bus and walk access to the station, or driving the car all the way to the destination.


SVEN Service Planner

For all the public transport service planners out there, VLC has recently developed what’s known as the Stochastic Volume Estimated Network (SVEN) model, a tool specifically designed to help service planners to robustly evaluate the patronage effect of changes to the transit network.


ACT/Canberra Model

VLC has finalised the development of a Zenith model of the ACT and surrounding region. This model is extremely detailed in nature and includes the following features:

  • Simulates all forms of travel – car, commercial vehicle, walk, cycle and public transport
  • Represents the average weekday with 4 time periods
  • Approximately 5,000 travel zones (90 people per zone)
  • Includes all route variations for ACTION and Deane’s Bus Lines
How to get Zenith
The Zenith Models are available for use under both commercial and academic licenses. Veitch Lister Consulting also offer consulting services to support your use of Zenith, contact us for more details
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