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Consulting Services
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Zenith Transport Models
Zenith Transport Models
The most widely used transport models within Australia
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Zenith Traffic Estimates
Zenith Traffic Estimates
Providing current day traffic estimates to inform your business decisions
Modelling Freight in Australia by VLC on 26 October 2016 VLC in-house researcher Pedro Camargo is at it again, this time looking at the visualisation of freight movements in and around South-East Queensland. The data used is available Australia-wide.
VLC Teams win prizes at GovHack by VLC on 25 October 2016 VLC walked away with two prizes at the GovHack national awards held in Adelaide last weekend.
Media Release - Tunnel Project consultants hit back at misleading statements by VLC on 22 August 2017 VLC says it stands by the transport volumes it estimated for Melbourne’s West Gate Tunnel project.
Take a ride through Uber's Movement data by David Balfe and Pedro Camargo on 31 August 2017 This morning, transport nuts all over the world are busy exploring the wealth of travel data which Uber collects from its customers. We’ve been holding out for this day since it was announced back in January, and it has finally arrived.
Transport Modelling advice for the North East Link by VLC on 31 March 2017 VLC are proud to announce that it has been engaged by the new North East Link Authority to provide transport modelling services as part of the development of the Business Case for the North East Link project.
Transportation Modelling using Software Development Principles by Jamie Cook on 27 March 2017 VLC's Software Lead Jamie Cook explains how we bring software development principles to our transport modelling work.
AITPM Outstanding Service Award 13 December 2016 VLC Victoria Practice Leader Liz McGregor has been recognised for outstanding service to AITPM.
An excellent morning out: AITPM Ringwood Station Technical Tour by Harry Smithers on 13 December 2016 VLC Transport Analyst Harry Smithers gives his account of the AITPM Ringwood Station Technical Tour. The tour involved presentations and an all encompassing snapshot of the station precinct and its transport links.
Canberra Light Rail Stage 2 – Strategic transport modelling and public transport integration advice by VLC on 23 May 2017 Veitch Lister Consulting is proud to announce that we have been engaged by the Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS) Directorate, ACT Government to assist with patronage forecasting and public transport integration advice for the Canberra Light Rail Stage 2 from the City to Woden.

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