Veitch Lister Consulting (VLC) is one of the largest specialist transport planning consultancies in Australia.
Consulting Services
Consulting Services
Delivering successful outcomes for public and private sector clients worldwide
Zenith Transport Models
Zenith Transport Models
The most widely used transport models within Australia
Outdoor Audience Measurement
The world’s most sophisticated audience measurement systems for outdoor media
Zenith Traffic Estimates
Zenith Traffic Estimates
Providing current day traffic estimates to inform your business decisions
Ride Sharing, Autonomous Vehicles and Mobility as a Service - a new modelling tool for policy analysis! by Aliasgar Inayathusein and Pedro Camargo on 4 Jun 2018 The market for transport is undergoing one of the most radical shifts we have seen in decades. New technology combined with disruptive business models are changing the way we travel and will change it further in the future.
Right to the City – Applying Justice Tests to Public Transport Investments by Stuart Donovan on 30 May 2018 Imagine you are a policy-maker working in a city that faces growing travel demands and persistent socioeconomic inequality: How might you use your transport budget to tackle both problems at once?
From plains to planes: forecasting travel demands for a city in transformation by Daniel Veryard & Nancye Ng on 27 April 2018 Up until recently, travel demands of residents at Badgerys Creek were relatively light: perhaps a few farmers taking a van-load of tomatoes to market, or a herd of cows moving from one paddock to the other chasing greener grass. But change is afoot: to cater for Sydney’s booming population and economy, Badgerys Creek will be converted into Sydney’s second airport and aerotropolis.
Should we still survey households on their travel? by Daniel Veryard & Tim Veitch on 13 March 2018 With all the travel data potentially for sale and at transport planners’ fingertips, do we still need to go and speak to people and ask them where and how they travel? We argue, yes.
Improving transport model runtimes - Part 1 by Jamie Cook and Jan Zill on 6 February 2018 VLC is unique among Traffic and Transport consultancies in that we build and maintain our own state of the art transport models, Zenith. More details on Zenith can be found in the technical details section of our website, but in this blog post we’d like to focus on a very particular part of the Model - Traffic Assignment - and in particular its runtime characteristics. This is the first of two posts on this subject.
Gavin Nicholls, VLC’s Practice Leader for Queensland by VLC on 12 January 2018 VLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Gavin Nicholls as Queensland Practice Leader in our Brisbane office. Gavin will be responsible for leading VLC in the Queensland market in the areas of demand forecasting, economic appraisal and transport policy.
Ali Inayathusein, VLC’s new National Director of Future Transport by VLC on 12 December 2017 VLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Aliasgar (Ali) Inayathusein as National Director of a newly established Future Transport team.
Modelling Freight in Australia by VLC on 26 October 2016 VLC in-house researcher Pedro Camargo is at it again, this time looking at the visualisation of freight movements in and around South-East Queensland. The data used is available Australia-wide.
VLC Teams win prizes at GovHack by VLC on 25 October 2016 VLC walked away with two prizes at the GovHack national awards held in Adelaide last weekend.
Media Release - Tunnel Project consultants hit back at misleading statements by VLC on 22 August 2017 VLC says it stands by the transport volumes it estimated for Melbourne’s West Gate Tunnel project.
Daniel Veryard, VLC’s Practice Leader for our new office in Sydney by VLC on 12 Oct 2017 VLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Daniel Veryard as Practice Leader in our newly established NSW office, based in Surry Hills.
Take a ride through Uber's Movement data by David Balfe and Pedro Camargo on 31 August 2017 This morning, transport nuts all over the world are busy exploring the wealth of travel data which Uber collects from its customers. We’ve been holding out for this day since it was announced back in January, and it has finally arrived.

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